Dedicated to helping first time home owners better manage their lawncare

How it all started, I just bought a house for the first time and had learn quick about the basics of cutting, edging, and maintaining lawns. The grass along the front of the house looked perfectly normal for a year now and I was beginning to believe that I’m a damn good gardener.

But I was wrong. I learned that my home’s grass looked normal only because I am a newbie when it came to lawn mowing. I thought it was self explanatory that I have to let the grass grow longer and mow the lawn once every three weeks. It’s very simple, isn’t it? I was wrong. The grass needed mow every month to avoid weeds and pests.

After an hour of trying to cut grass with my hand-held mower and unsuccessful, I had to give up. I didn’t have spare time to learn the basics of home lawn care. Its started with a Craftsman M2303 21″ 24HP Smart Drive, Lawn Mower with Wider and Longer Dual-Wheels and Four-in-One Mulching Knives. It was my first home’s lawn mower and my first home of grass to care for. I had to read the manual for about two hours to understand what every dial and switch does. So I called the neighbors and asked for their recommendations and it dawned on me and Small Yard was born