10 ways to use Neem Oil on your plants

Ever wonder how to use neem oil on plants? It’s a question we get all the time, and we thought it’d be helpful (and fun) to put together this list of 10 ways you can use neem oil on your plants.

1. As an insecticide – Neem is incorporated into many topical and systemic insecticides because of its effectiveness against pests. 

2. As a fungicide – Neem oil is very effective against mildew, algae and rust. It’s also used as a mold deterrent. 

3. As a kelp and seaweed control spray – about 10-15 ml per 10 gallons of water. 

4. For seed germination – use 1-2 ml per seeds in the seed tray or spread 2-3 drops of neem oil on the surface of soil in the seed trays (mix well).

5. As a foliar spray – use generally about 5ml per 10 liters of water and spray once or twice a week. 

6. As an insect repellent for pets, livestock, and control of flies & mosquitoes – use 1 ml per liter or one teaspoon per gallon of water as needed. [NOTE: make sure to test on your pet first to be sure no sensitivity occurs]

7. For leaf shine – mix 1-2 ml with a few drops of water and apply with soft cloth on the leaves. 

8. For fruit and flower preservation – mix 1-2 ml with a few drops of water and apply with soft cloth on the blooms or fruit, several times a week to prevent spoilage. 

9. For fresh cut flowers – mix 2-3 ml in about 50-100 ml of water and soak cut flowers in solution for at least an hour before placing into a vase. 

10. For general purpose plant care – mix 1-2 ml with a few drops of water and apply to soil in every watering.

The above uses may not work for all plants, and you always should test a small amount on your plant first for any potential sensitivities or adverse reactions. You can do this by using the neem oil on an inconspicuous area such as the underside of your plant leaf, or diluting the neem oil with water and applying to your plant’s leaves. 

How to use neem oil for plant diseases?

Neem is an all natural fungicide that can be used as a spray on various plants and crops. Known to be both antibiotic and insecticidal, Neem can also be used to help with bacterial leaf spots on plants like Zinnia, or any fungal disease that happens in your garden.

How often can you use neem oil on plants?

Neem oil can be used during every watering, or as a preventative when once a week is sufficient. When using neem oil for insect control and prevention it is recommended to use at the first sign of trouble and before any damage has occurred.

Do you mix neem with other products?

While not necessary, it is possible to mix Neem with other products to get optimal results. Mixing Neem with a bit of baking soda has shown positive results in tomatos and roses.

How often can i spray neem oil on my plants?

The best answer to this question would be “as needed”. However, the information in this article was gathered from the label on the bottle of Neem 99%.

How do you prepare neem oil for plants?

Neem oil is most easily applied to plants by water, but can also be added to water or soil. It mixes well with most soaps and detergents and can be mixed with most fertilizers. Use a spray bottle or paint brush for quick application.

What is neem oil used for on plants? 

Heating the oil to a high temperature is recommended. The oil is typically sold as a liquid at room temperature or slightly warm and refrigerated.

Is it safe to use neem oil on your plants?

Neem oil has been used by humans for over 2000 years as an herbal remedy and pesticide. Because of past reactions to the product, I find it best not to use it on my animals or children.

How to use neem oil on weed plants?

Neem oil is typically sprayed on plants to control insects and diseases. In particular, it works well on fungus and bacteria such as powdery mildew and fire blight.

What is neem oil used for in plant soil?

Neem oil is beneficial for treating disease and pests in your plant soil. It helps keep your plants healthy by preventing fungus from occurring, all while repelling pests like aphids and white flies.

How long does it take for neem oil to kill tomato plants?

Neem oil is typically sprayed on plant leaves to prevent or treat powdery mildew disease. The pathogens that are causing the disease can be killed within minutes upon contact with this natural fungicide.

What is neem oil used for in garden soil?

Neem oil acts as an all natural pesticide when mixed with water and applied to your plants or vegetables.

Neem oil is an all natural product favored by organic gardeners, and a must have in any organic gardeners arsenal of natural products. I hope this article gives you all the information you need about using neem oil on your plants and they turn out beautiful like mine! Leave a comment down below with any questions.

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