Plant pot saucers are essential tools that you can use in gardening because they can help improve your plants’ humidity. Not only that, but you’ll find them helpful when watering your indoor plants because they keep your floors and carpets spill-free. Plant pot saucers come in a wide variety of sizes, and most of the time, they are sold together with pots. If you are buying pots soon, it is essential to look for the ideal size, including the saucers. Maybe some of you are wondering whether to buy small or large plant pot saucers. In this article, discover the pros and cons of large plant pot saucers.

Large Plant Pot Saucers

Plant pot saucers can be rubber or plastic outer rings that you can buy together with pots. They are placed at the bottom of your plant pots to stop water from collecting at the base. Some people think that buying these tools is just a waste of money when it’s not. A few different types of plant pot saucers exist, and buying the right one for your plants can help you in so many ways. The two most common types are plant saucers measuring 20cm and 40cm. The plant pot saucers keep the water that is not absorbed by the container from getting to the bottom. As such, the seeds will not wither.

Probably, you are wondering whether it is more ideal to buy large plant pot saucers or not. To help you, here are the pros and cons of using them:


  • Using a larger plant saucer can make your plant pots significantly taller (although it could be more than necessary).
  • Large plant pot saucers are inexpensive and cost cheaper than pots.


  • Large saucers can cause the plants to be unstable and possibly fall over because the rubber is not as strong as soil.
  • They are challenging to clean, making it hard to water your plants.

The Uses of Large Plant Saucers

If you doubt whether to buy large plant saucers or not, you may consider their uses to weigh down the pros and cons. Here are some of the benefits of having large plant saucers in your garden area:

  1. Makes watering easier

Large saucers can be very helpful because they can drain excess water from your pots even if you don’t put water in them. All you need to do is place them under a weight to drain the excess water out of the bottom of your pots.

  1. Improves your plants’ appeal

Large plant pot saucers can give you more space to work with inside your garden. They can also make your plant pots look even better.

Tips When Using Pot Saucers

If you are using pot saucers, here are some things to remember:

  • Ensure that the soil you will be using is not lumpy because it can cause problems with water drainage. Not only that, but it can prevent any fertilizer or plant food you put in the soil from sitting on top of the saucer.
  • If possible, don’t buy your soil from a store. This is because most of the dirt sold at garden stores contains many chemicals that are not safe for growing plants. You can stick with regular soil.
  • If you have large planters with thick bases, remember that your soil will often not be good enough to use. On the other hand, if the soil is that deep, it won’t absorb much water. As such, find a potting mix that you can use for your soil. It is ideal to use vermiculite and peat moss which are both very good for rooting plants.

Large plant pot saucers have the advantage and disadvantages. It is up to you whether to buy them or not. You may consider their uses and see whether they can be helpful in your gardening. Besides, plant saucers are inexpensive, so you can buy one and give it a try first.