Planting is like a mother-and-child relationship. You need to take care of it from the start until it reaches the stage when it only needs less maintenance. Gardening is both fun and exciting, but it can be frustrating when you see your yard full of weeds. Though there are several weed removal procedures, you have to choose which one is ideal to use. You have to make sure that what you will be using is effective and safe for the other plants. Read on to find how to clear a yard full of weeds using different weed removal procedures.

Why Weed Removal is a Must

If you are a beginner in gardening and planting, you could be wondering why you should get rid of weeds in your yard. They are also plants, right? Some people remove weeds because they are not aesthetically pleasing. Weeds can ruin the landscaping art because they can sprout anywhere, in the spots you don’t expect them to be. The worse reason is they are considered thieves.

Weeds are thieves because they steal the soil moisture and nutrients from other crops. As a result, the harvest efficiencies gradually decrease. Not only that, but they also compete with the crop for sunlight, which is one of the plants’ basic needs to thrive. Why do weeds steal other crop’s nutrients? This is because no one provides what they need to survive. Therefore, they get the soil moisture and other nutrients from other plants.

As weeds actively remove the nutrients from the soil, they tend to grow taller, stronger, and healthier each day. In contrast, the plants that are supposedly taken care of get lower amounts of nutrients needed to maximize the yields. This is because the nutrients for their growth and development processes are removed. 

8 Weed Removal Procedures

Though weeds are also plants, you have the right to remove them because they steal your crops’ nutrients. Since up to 60 percent of yield depends on soil fertility, you need to get rid of the weeds that limit yield potential. Here are the different ways for effective weed removal:

  1. Controlled Burning

If you have a vast yard full of weeds, other weed removal procedures might be expensive because you need a huge amount of chemicals to eliminate them. In this situation, you might need controlled burning. Gardeners and planters use controlled burning as a great method of using controlled fires to remove a lawn full of weeds. If you are considering this, make sure to do it with great care because it can cause unwanted fires. It would be best to call for an expert’s help if you are not used to the controlled burning method.

  1. Herbicides

Certain chemicals can be used to kill weeds. But make sure that they are the right herbicide that kills only weeds because they might harm your plants. Not only that, but the herbicide you will use should be labeled for the type of weeds that you are trying to kill. Herbicides could be either organic or synthetic, but whichever you prefer, you need to use them with extra care.

  1. Home Products

You don’t need to spend a lot just to remove weeds in your yard. There are cheap homemade products that you can use to get rid of unwanted plants. The white vinegar sold in grocery stores usually is made of 5% acetic acid, strong enough for most weeds. You may also consider the industrial-strength version that is up to 20% acetic acid. However, it could be harmful to your skin, eyes, and lung.

  1. Pulling

If you want to use a chemical-free method to get rid of the weeds, you may consider pulling them up by the roots. Some gardeners prefer this method because it prevents weeds from coming back. Not only that, but using chemicals can have a long-term effect on the soil and your garden. So, if you want to use chemical-free methods, this could be your option.

  1. Weed Eater

A weed eater also refers to a string trimmer, a lightweight tool used to cut grass and weeds. Some gardeners and planters use this because they rapidly eliminate unwanted weeds in your yard. Weed eaters come in various models including those with battery, electric, and gasoline engines. The string trimmer has a rapidly spinning microfilament string that becomes stiff when powered. Since it functions as a handheld lawn mower, it can remove weeds faster than other procedures.

  1. Weed Barriers

Another way to get rid of a big yard full of weeds is to use a weed barrier. This could be the option you need if you are looking for a cost-effective weed removal procedure. Using weed barriers is a cheap way to keep the weeds out of your garden while preserving your soil. Weed barrier sheets come in different sizes and thicknesses. You may choose depending on your needs.

  1. Combination of Methods

You may consider combining the methods listed here to make sure that the wedding process is effective. This is also ideal if you have a vast yard full of weeds. You may trim them first then use herbicides to reach the roots and kill them eventually.

  1. Weed Experts

If weeds keep coming back after you’ve done everything on the list, you may call for weed experts. There could be something wrong with your procedure that’s why weeds still grow even if you have trimmed or burned them. It is highly recommended to call the nearest weed removal agency that can help you solve your garden problem.

Weed Removal Tips

There are so many types of weed removal procedures that you can use to eliminate the plants that steal your crops’ nutrients. But you might be overwhelmed with the available options, so here are some tips when choosing the ideal method:

  1. Identify what types of weeds you need to get rid of. You can only select the best weed removal procedure if you know what you are trying to eliminate. Make sure to familiarize yourself with weed types because you might be confused with which ones are weeds and which are not.
  1. Know the area with weeds. You can only determine whether you only need herbicides or controlled burning if you have identified how large the area is. If there are only a few weeds in your yard, using a weed eater or herbicides could be enough.
  1. Start with the smaller weeds. Once the weeds have started to grow, you have no choice but to remove them. Use the right tools and make sure they are readily available in your home.
  1. Know the protocols in your area. You might choose controlled burning for weed removal, but your place could be sensitive regarding this matter. Though controlled burning is used for eliminating weeds, you need to do it with care because it could be dangerous. It is highly recommended to hire an expert so that doing it will be more hassle-free.

Owning a garden is quite stressful sometimes but most of the time, it is exciting. If you are planning to be a gardener, know that you need to dedicate some of your time. Remember, planting, taking care of the crops, and weeding requires time and effort. Weeding a garden is a great skill that you should have especially if there are lots of them in your yard. If so, you may use the weed removal procedures listed above or contact the nearest weed removal agency.