Are you considering growing Rose Campion? If so, you’re on the right site. We’re where to give you an overview of what this plant is and how you can propagate it through seeds. Not only that, but you’ll also learn some of the Rose Campion care tips you need to keep the plant thriving. Although some people consider Rose Campion as an aggressive grower, there are still ways to enjoy this flower in your garden. As long as you plant it with proper care and maintain its beauty, you’ll have Rose Champions in no time.

What is Rose Campion?

If you’ve never heard of Rose Campion before, we’re here to introduce this plant to you. Rose Campion, Lychnis coronaria, is characterized as a short-lived perennial for zones 3-9. However, its behavior is like those of biennial or annual plants. If you like this flower a lot and ensure that you’ll never run out of Rose Campion, try collecting its seeds or allow the plant to self-sow. Rose Campion is native to these regions: Northern Africa, Southern Europe, and the Middle East. However, it has become naturalized across the United States. This plant thrives in rocky, scrubby hillsides. Rose Campion is characterized by soft, pale, and gray-green foliage, making it a beautiful backdrop for other flowers, especially those with vivid colors. 

There are several reasons why you should consider growing Rose Campion. Aside from being a lovely plant, Rose Campion care is not that hard. The truth is this plant is easy to grow, and if you’ve got too many of it, you can easily remove the excess plants from your garden. Besides, most gardeners have no problem with Rose Campion because there are no pests, deer, or rabbits, which have disturbed Rose Campion. Usually, it withers or gets damaged when it receives too much water on the leaves. Meaning, overwatering should be avoided since Rose Camion is a drought-tolerant plant that can thrive in full sun to part shade.

Collecting Seeds From Campion Plants for Propagation

Before we tell you some of the best Rose Campion care tips, would it be better to learn how you can propagate it? This way, you don’t need to buy this plant because you can grow it using its seeds. When propagating Rose Campion, look for its ovary where the seeds form. Usually, it is found at the base of the flower. Remember that its seeds could vary a lot in appearance since some could appear large and crinkled, while others could be round and shiny. To get the seeds, you need to poke around at the plant parts. The seeds could be harder and even darker, but you’ll know they are the seeds once the others show up. 

You may also wait until the seed stems dry and become brown before you collect the seeds. This way, you can guarantee that what you have collected is matured. Immature seeds appear to be green, having a soft coat that you can dent. If you find collecting seeds a hassle, you may wait for the plants to drop their seeds before harvesting them. If so, make sure to place wedding favor bags so that these will fall in them. You may look for other alternatives as long as they can hold the tiny seeds.

Rose Campion Care Guide

Are you now ready to grow Rose Campion? Make sure to follow the care tips below:

  1. In terms of deadheading, you may need a sharp pair of scissors. Do this by snipping off each Rose Campion’s flower. Aside from using a pair of scissors, small clippers will also do the job. Since each plant produces dozens of flowers, consider deadheading weekly.
  1. Make sure to remove the mulch from the areas where you want the seedlings to take root. Doing so encourages the Rose Campion to reseed itself. Aside from that, don’t forget to leave the last flush of summer flowers in place so that they will form the seed heads.
  1. Rose Campion can thrive in poor, dry soil, and it prefers full sun. Therefore, give the plant supplemental water only, especially in drought conditions. Don’t forget to fertilize Rose Campion lightly in spring. 

Rose Campion serves as an ideal background for other flowering plants. If you want to create a beautiful landscape, make sure not to miss this plant. Choose the right plants because certain flowers and herbs can attract beneficial insects to your garden. But don’t forget that each plant has its conditions for it to thrive. Follow the Rose Campion care tips above to keep it in good condition.