For the DIY gardener, finding high quality garden scissors should be a top priority. Garden scissors are not only durable but they come in handy for a variety of tasks. Today I’m going to share some of the most common uses for garden scissors and tell you which ones are best suited for each job!

The best garden scissor is one that can do it all – the key is to find one with a design that suits you.

For cutting stems: Which size is best?

Some stems are so short that you can only get your hand through the opening. This means you’ll have to use a scissors with a long shaft to cut them. Otherwise, you’ll end up damaging the stem or your hand! Garden scissors come in different lengths- from under 5 inches (12 cm) to over a foot (30”).

The biggest choice to make is on the length of the shaft. Some scissors have a recessed handle so you can use the scissors as a hook. These are great for removing weeds and small plants that hide under long grass. However, they can be awkward in tight spaces such as flower beds, or when cutting tall grass.

The next decision to make is on the diameter of the blade. As a general rule, smaller blades are easier to manoeuvre while larger blades are more durable and will last longer.

What are garden scissors called?

Garden scissors are also known as hedge shears, pruning shears, secateurs and loppers. Secateurs is a general term for garden scissors. Some people call them shears but the term ‘shears’ can cause confusion with the household type of shear that craftsmen use for cutting metal.

Sickles and scythes are different types of garden scissor in one tool, used for clearing ground or harvesting crops. Many other tools are also used to harvest garden produce and a picnic.

In gardening, they are named after the function they perform – pruning scissors (for cutting the branches of a tree), loppers (for moving an object such as a branch or plant with a long stem like fruit or roses), shears (for cutting small stems). What is called garden scissors depends on the type of tool; shears, pruning scissors, secateurs or loppers.

What are the best gardening scissors?

There are many types of garden scissors from the pruning scissors for branches to the sickles and scythes for harvesting large vegetables. Here I show you the top 10 best gardening scissors of 2016, as recommended by Amazon.

1. EACHINE® BH-06 Garden Pruner Scissors

This is one of my favorite gardening scissors and a great choice if you’re looking for something that will last a long time. They have 3.3 stars with 87 customer reviews and the average score is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

2. BESTON® Pruning/Weed-Cutting Scissors

BESTON are one of the best garden scissor and they are made by Beston International, LLC, which has been manufacturing gardening tools for more than 200 years in Taiwan. They have 3.3 stars with a 5 star average rating from 478 customers and they come with a lifetime warranty (1 year for parts only).

3. Fiskars 7884 24-Inch Bypass Lopper

The Fiskars is a bypass lopper, meaning the action of cutting is similar to that of scissors. It opens like a scissor, but then moves into a straight cut as it closes. This one has 3.4 stars with 1,391 customer reviews and the average score is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

4. Beston 7-Inch Bypass Lopper

The Beston is a Japanese brand that has been manufacturing gardening tools since 1889. They have 3.4 stars with a 5 star average rating from 881 customers and they come with a lifetime warranty (1 year for parts only).

5. Beston Long Pruning Shears

Beston is an excellent garden scissors with 3.4 stars with a 5 star average rating from 1180 customers and they come with a lifetime warranty (1 year for parts only).

Can I use regular scissors to cut plants?

Yes and no. If you need to cut small branches you can use a pair of scissors that are for cutting small stems. If you need to cut a large stem, then a pruning shear is better suited for you – these are also known as secateurs in some areas.

Is it better to buy new or used garden scissors?

It is a personal preference. The blades on most new garden scissors have not had time to dull, so they are less likely to break than older garden scissors.

How to sharpen my garden scissors?

If you start to notice that the blades are not cutting as well as they once did, it may be time to sharpen them. You can use a file and a grinding wheel to make the blades sharper.

Yes, there are many types of garden scissor. In general, they are:

It’s important to choose the type that best suits your needs. For example, for harvesting large crops such as corn or tomatoes it is better to use sickles or scythes; for cutting grass and small plants in flower beds you should use pruning shears; while loppers are better suited for cutting dead wood.

What are the best garden scissors?

There are different types of garden scissor. In general, they are:

The best garden scissors can be found among the pruning shears and loppers. They are the largest in size, so they can work with larger stems. Secateurs work well for small stems and branches.

What is a good quality set of Garden Scissors for me?

There are many types of gardening scissor. For most homeowners, the pair of pruning shears and a long-handled lopper will be enough. If you have a lot of land or live in a rural area, you may need additional pairs for convenience. However, we recommend starting with the basics first.

How do garden scissors work?

Beam Scissors (also known as secateurs) are as versatile as they come and they can be used on just about any plant. They are used to cut stems, branches and even fruit trees. They come in varied sizes, with an average range of 8.5 inches to 10 inches. The blades are sharp, and they are attached to the handles by a very short hinge. To use them, you simply squeeze the handles (this causes the blades to close), then snap them open again to cut.

Gardening Scissors work in a similar manner as fruit scissors or pruning shears. They are slightly different than beam scissor because they have smaller blades and longer handles.

What is the use of garden scissors?

  • Roses

Garden scissors may not be the best tool for pruning roses, but they certainly are the easiest. Use them to trim off dead leaves and dead flowers from your rosebush. Make sure you also remove any damaged or diseased branches as well as suckers that may grow along the ground.

  • Fruit trees

Use garden scissors to trim branches and thin fruit trees when necessary. The fruit tree may produce too many fruits if it has too many branches.

  • Vines

Garden scissors can be used to cut off flowers and leaves without damaging the vine itself. Applying lime to the wood of a vine will also help prevent rot, especially in areas that are subject to higher moisture.

To keep your garden or yard in good shape, you need to know the basic hand tools that make your work easy and quick. These tools will help you to trim, make your garden better and attractive. Both hands are needed to use the right size of each of these tools for most effective results. A hand tool can be used for any small tasks around the house.