Determinate and indeterminate tomatoes differ in many varieties, but they are both vegetables – and can be grown from seed. The key difference to remember is that determinate tomatoes grow to a certain height before they ripen, while indeterminate varieties keep on growing until they rot on the vine. A good rule of thumb for your garden is: if you want tomatoes taller than 8 feet, plant determinates; if not, stick with indeterminates.

Determinate tomatoes grow to a certain size and then stop. Some varieties, such as the bush tomato, grow up to 8 feet tall, but this is less common. Most determinates stay under 4 or 5 feet. One of the best reasons to grow determinate tomatoes is that they’re great for containers or small gardens. You can also grow them indoors under artificial lights.

Indeterminate tomatoes don’t really have a set size limit – they just keep growing as long as there’s no frost in the forecast and they stay healthy. The same is true for plants that are considered indeterminates because of their vines. Many gardeners prefer to plant these varieties because they tend to get more tomatoes per plant than determinate varieties, and will keep producing throughout the season without a break.

Which is better determinate or indeterminate tomatoes?

The debate between determinate vs indeterminate tomatoes isn’t really a debate. It’s simply a matter of personal preference.

Determinate tomatoes are easier to grow in small spaces and containers because they have a set height. If your garden is small and you want to grow only a few plants, determinate varieties will work best.

Indeterminate tomatoes keep growing until frost, allowing them to produce more fruit in their time. This makes them a great option for larger gardens, and they’re also the best tomatoes for growing in greenhouses. If you want to keep harvesting tomatoes until the frost hits, indeterminates are the way to go.

Which tomato plants are determinate?

Many of the determinate tomato varieties are true to their name and stop growing at a certain size. Some of these varieties include:

Astro Boy – 8-9 feet high

Black Krim – 8-9 feet high

Black Prince – about 8 feet high, with big round fruits that can grow up to 9 inches (22.8 cm) in diameter. The fruits have a glossy black skin with a shiny red spot inside the blossom cavity. There’s also one reddish version of this variety.

Is Cherry Tomato determinate or indeterminate?

This variety is both – it grows to about 40 inches (1 m) high, and then stops growing to produce big red fruit. It’s best to plant it in groups, as the plants can get too tall for their supports if they’re not tended well.

Determinate tomato varieties that stop growing?

A few tomato varieties are determinate but don’t truly stop growing. These include:

Delicious – 8-10 feet high; yields medium-sized fruits; ripens from mid-summer until early fall.

Patio – vines grow up to 6 feet tall and produce medium-sized fruits; ripens from early summer until end of season.

Sweet Million – produces small red fruit that grows in clusters; the plant only grows about 1.5 feet tall.

Which tomato plants are indeterminate?

Almost all of the common tomato varieties are indeterminate because they keep growing indefinitely. Some varieties, however, are true to their name and reach a certain height. You may find that these varieties can grow too tall for their supports, so spacing them out is important.

Should you stake Determinate tomatoes?

If you like the idea of supporting your tomatoes, determinate varieties will be easier for you. This is because they grow to a certain size and stop growing, so you can chain them to stakes or trellises in a way that keeps the healthy fruits accessible.

Indeterminate varieties may need supporting as well, but it’s more difficult to do so with this type of tomato plant.

Do Determinate tomatoes die?

Determinate tomato plants don’t generally die, but they may stop producing fruit if you overfertilize them. Using too much fertilizer can burn the roots and cause the plant to die.

Which tomatoes do better in containers?

Determinate varieties tend to work better in smaller containers because they can’t grow too big for their supports. Tomato cages, trellises and stakes can be made from metal or bamboo. If you have room for a larger container, indeterminate tomato plants will also grow well in large pots.

Is Early Girl tomato determinate?

The Early Girl tomato is indeterminate, so it doesn’t really have a size limit. This variety is also known as “Messina” and has been grown for decades in the Italian countryside, where it’s all but a part of the culture. The plant is larger in size and can produce fruit from early summer to late summer.

Are Black Krim tomatoes determinate?

The Black Krim tomato is indeterminate, and its fruits can be up to 9 inches (22.8 cm) in diameter. The fruits have a glossy black skin with a shiny red spot inside the blossom cavity. There’s also one reddish version of this variety.

Do cherry tomatoes grow into determinate plants?

Cherry tomatoes are both determinate and indeterminate varieties, depending on how they’re grown. If you space them out so they have enough room to grow, they’ll behave as indeterminate plants. If you grow them in a more crowded environment, they’ll act as determinate plants.

Is Celebrity tomato determinate or indeterminate?

The Celebrity tomato is a determinate variety that grows to about 36 inches (90 cm) in height and produces red fruit in clusters. These tomatoes are popular because they’re an early producer and have a great flavor.

Determinate tomato varieties grow to a certain size and stop growing, while indeterminate varieties can grow indefinitely.

Determinate varieties are usually easier to stake, but they’re also limited in their growth.

Smaller containers are the best way to grow determinate tomato plants.