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What are the Best Gardening Tools for Seniors?

Gardening is for everyone capable of taking care of plants. So even if you are already a senior citizen, no one can stop you from doing what you love, such as planting and harvesting crops. Though old age cannot hinder the elderly from gardening, some tasks might be challenging to do. Not only that, but some gardening tools could be heavy or dangerous for them. So if you want to do gardening safely or protect your grandparents from dangerous gardening activities, you need to consider the best gardening tools for seniors.

4 Benefits of Gardening to Seniors

Before you learn what gardening tools are suitable for senior gardeners, would it be better to know why gardening is beneficial? What is it with gardening that many people like? Does it offer benefits to the seniors?

Gardening may sound like a simple activity, but it requires time, money, patience, and a lot of effort. Though there are easy to grow plants, taking care of them takes a lot of dedication. Gardening is a fun and exciting activity. Depending on how much time you can allot to this activity, it can be a pastime or hobby. Aside from that, it can offer a lot of benefits such as:

  • Burn calories. Seniors need exercise too, and one simple way to burn calories is through gardening. For instance, planting and pulling weeds can help the elderly burn 200 to 400 calories an hour since it requires their body to bend, squat, stretch, and pull.
  • Decrease the risk of dementia. Gardening requires critical thinking skills, which can help the elderly to reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s.
  • Get Vitamin D. Exposure to sunshine can provide a good amount of vitamin D but make sure to do gardening during the best time.
  • Reduce stress. Gardening can improve one’s mood and reduce stress. Try it, and you’ll see why.

5 Gardening Tips for Seniors

Here are some of the best gardening tips for seniors that every elderly must consider:

  1. Avoid using heavy power tools.

As seniors, it would be best to avoid using power tools because they require much physical strength to operate. Instead, you may use battery-powered devices that are typically lighter.

  1. Avoid using ladders.

Aside from avoiding using heavy power tools, make sure to avoid ladders. This is because they are dangerous since they pose greater hazards as people age.

  1. Choose your plants wisely.

There are so many plants to consider but choose something resistant to weeds and can still thrive even if you neglect them for a few days. Don’t grow plants that require a lot of pruning.

  1. Kneel properly.

Aside from using the best gardening tools for seniors, the elderly must also know the correct position in gardening. Kneeling correctly is one of them. Putting both knees on the ground should be avoided. Instead, have one knee bent on the ground with a pad underneath it while the other is bent in front.

  1. Protect yourself from the sun.

Since seniors are vulnerable to sunburn, dehydration, and heatstroke, make sure to protect yourself from the sun. You can do this by wearing protective gear like hats or applying sun protection lotion. You can also wear light-colored, lightweight, and long-sleeved clothes.

Best Gardening Tools for Seniors

Now that you’ve learned some tips in gardening, it’s time to discover some gardening tools that you can use. These are very helpful, especially to seniors, so make sure to have one.

  1. Ergonomic Garden Hose Nozzle

You don’t have to keep pressing the handle with this device because it has a lightweight, thumb-controlled, rubber-padded nozzle. Besides, this nozzle is turned on and off by pressing the button with your thumb.

  1. Ergonomic Hand Weeder

If you want an efficient tool for removing weeds, this ergonomic hand weeder could be the best one for you. It offers a comfortable, bent grip that provides extra leverage. It makes it easier to hold, is perfect for the elderly, and has a beautifully designed hand tool that makes pulling weeds easier.

  1. Ergonomic Pruning Shear

Pruning is also a gardening activity that you should prepare yourself for. You can prune with less pressure using an ergonomic pruning shear. This tool offers a soft rubber hand grip that functions as a pressure and shock absorber.

  1. Electric Tiller

Use an electric tiller to loosen the soil. It has a lightweight and powerful rototiller, making cleaning up raised flower beds and aerating small plots easy.

  1. Raised Garden Bed

Raised planters have different variations, including kits, bags, beds with wheels. There are also vertical plantings like wall-mounted planters or trellis spaces. These raised garden beds are recommended for post-op patients, oldsters with bad backs, and people who use wheelchairs.

As seniors, there are certain things that you can’t do, such as carrying heavy equipment. And even if you can do those tasks, it can pose risks to your health. Instead of using heavy tools and equipment; you may consider the best gardening tools for seniors. Besides those, make sure to follow the tips mentioned here to ensure safer and more enjoyable gardening.

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