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The 7 Best Strategy For Making Above Ground Garden Box

Sometimes you need a garden, but either don’t have the space or can’t afford the cost for an in-ground system. It’s time to get creative and make an above ground garden box. Good thing we have 7 of them for you! Come take a peek at some of the best ways to make one, from planting your seeds to going vertical.


1.      Adopt the “C” Planter

A planter is a type of container that you fill with soil or potting mixture and plant your seeds into it. There are three basic types of planters: vertical, C-shaped, and round planters. The C-shaped planters require you to dig up the soil, remove it, and replant it yourself without buying any extra materials. The vertical planter, on the other hand, is a cheaper option if you would like to make an above ground garden box. The boxes are made of a single material and come with a few or many holes in which you can place your seeds.

2.      Make Your Own “Jiffy” Tray

A Jiffy tray is made out of peat moss and is used to grow plants indoors and out. If you’re looking for an easier way to make an above ground garden box, you can use peat pellets to grow your plants. They’re easy to get your hands on and easy to use. Simply place them in a tray and add water. In two weeks, the seeds will have sprouted and grown into full-sized plants, and you won’t have had to worry about digging up earth or replanting the soil.

3.      Use a Fruit Box

A “fruit box” is a wood or plastic container used to grow plants. They can be used indoors or outdoors and are made to look like a traditional “pot”, but are much easier to use. They will allow you to grow your plants vertically without having to worry about soil. Some of these decorative containers come with holes in which you can plant your seeds, while others must be grown horizontally.

4.      Use a Mason Jar

While considered “just a glass jar”, you can easily make an above ground garden box with one. You can create an attractive design by placing weights inside of it, and you will have the opportunity to grow a variety of plants inside of it. In addition, mason jars are very easy to clean and reuse, making them the perfect option for any gardener.

5.      Make a DIY Planter Box

A planter box can be made out of wood, plastic, or recycled materials like tin cans and paper. If you’re on a budget or have access to the materials, it might be the best option for you. A DIY planter box is small in size, so unless you want to start small, you may have to build several of them.

6.      Repurpose Old Shoeboxes

Old shoeboxes are great for making an above ground garden box. While you might not be able to get as many plants in them as you can with other types of containers, they’re cheap and easy to store. Look for old shoeboxes in other people’s closets or garage, buy a few boxes at a time from a local store, or simply buy new ones.

7.      Use a Root Box

A root box is an above ground container used to grow plants using earth. The box is placed over the earth and planted with seeds or bulbs. It can be made out of wood, plastic, glass, stone, or metal. The most important factor with a root box is knowing how to take care of your plants so you can harvest the fruit.


How wide for above ground garden box?

The width would be determined by the size of the space that you are trying to fit your garden in. Also, this is just the planter box so it doesn’t have to be all-in-one; you can leave some space between so your plants can grow.

Can you use for seedlings?

Depending on the type of plants you wish to grow in your garden box, you can just use soil. For a typical garden that requires large plants, they do sell pots and the like at home stores.

What is the best soil/substrate for above ground garden box?

Before getting started with a garden box, peat pots are a great way to help new plants get their start. They are easy to break down and don’t take up much space. You can buy pre-made peat pots or you can make your own. They are made out of an organic material that is good for the soil and help the natural process of root growth. For best results, you should use a mixture of sand, vermiculite, and perlite for the potting medium.

How deep should I bury the box?

The depth of your garden box would be determined by how much soil you will need to fill it up. Generally, anywhere from 10 to 20 inches is a good depth.

How big should you bury the box?

For something which is going to be small like a planter, you can bury it up to about one foot deep. For something a little larger or something with multiple plants, you can bury it up to about four feet deep. This would be dependent on how much soil you will need for them and what type of plants are being planted in the garden box.

Will it look better if I have a nice paving?

The paving is a matter of preference. It can add to the style of your garden box and can help you create a more aesthetically pleasing garden. However, it really depends on what you have available to you. If the space is tight or if the soil is already pretty full in the box, then yes, you may want to use something like that to help make things look better and more finished.

Can you make your own planter box?

Absolutely! You can save money by making them yourself. They are easy to build and don’t take much time. You can purchase most items needed from hardware or gardening stores and then create it yourself or have something created for you.

How practical is it to use a garden box as an actual planters?

The big factor with this type of planter is that it’s more practical to use than a decorative one like glass containers, clay pots, or terracotta. There are many uses for a flower garden box around the home. You can use them to plant flowers, herbs, vegetables, and even trees. You can also grow your favorite fruits in the small planter boxes. Some of these edible plants include strawberries, raspberries, oranges, watermelons and tomatoes.

Is it possible to make a garden box with a garden bench? 

One of the biggest benefits of having a planter as part of your pergola is that it helps keep your yard nice and tidy. You can add to that by adding a garden bench to the planter. A garden bench made out of wood works beautifully for this and it will be able to match your pergola beautifully.

What wood should you use to make above ground garden box?

You will want to use the best type of wood possible when making a planter box. You can really use any kind of wood you like, but if you choose treated lumber, be sure to seal it right away. Otherwise, wood can rot pretty quickly.

How to build garden box for tree?

You’re going to need a few things before you start building your garden box. The first one is the actual frame that you are building it from. You can use something, like legs that are made out of steel or wood to build the frame. The other thing you will need is something that will hold the soil and plants in place. If you do not have a way to secure it, it could end up spilling all over your yard.

What tools do you need to build a garden box?

You are going to need the tools you usually use for gardening when putting together a garden box. This will include everything from a shovel, trowel and even a pitchfork. It is important to have these tools, because you will probably have to dig some holes to place plants in.

How do you prepare site for above ground garden box?

As you are building your garden box, you will need to get the soil ready for the plants. You will not want to have any rocks or dirt that is too heavy in there, because it could cause some flooding and damage. This is why you want to put down a layer of sand or gravel so that it helps hold the soil in place and prevent any damage.

After you have the right amount of earth in place do another layer over the first one.

How to keep a tall above ground garden box?

The main worries are the weeds. You will have to spray herbicides, use plastic or metal sheeting to cover the garden in order to keep weeds out.

You can also use weed cloth that comes in rolls and covers the area of upper layer of soil in order to prevent access of sunlight, so no roots can take roots.

Place a layer of mulch on top of the bed and over it cover it with plastic sheeting.

How to keep water in an above ground garden box?

It’s very important to keep the box as dry as you can, because it will not allow fungus and mold to grow. You can use a floating water seal that is a rubber material that will allow air through to help the plant, but still keep water out so no moisture or wetness takes place.

How deep should be for above ground garden box?

It is better to dig a hole for the garden box about twice, and more times deep. This will help to prevent plants from dying.

How to protect an above ground garden box?

The best way is using a plastic or metal sheeting, which cover the entire area over the garden box. You can place some layers of old carpet, placed directly under the soil surface and on top of it, in order to keep dryness. Also you can use thick layers of mulch.

Conclusion: The above ground garden box is not only for the small garden, but it can help you in a lot of way in your home as well. You can use it in the kitchen, dining room, porch or even basement. So do not be afraid to try out this gardening method and make your life easier by trying above ground garden box.

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