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6 Things You Should Know Before Buying A Battery-Operated Lawn Tool

Having a lawn in your home has both advantages and disadvantages. One benefit that you can get is the opportunity to grow a variety of plants. You can improve your home’s aesthetics by planting flowering plants while growing vegetables and fruits can help you save money. But one drawback that you might get if you have a lawn is the weeds that grow in them. That’s why you need to apply proper lawn maintenance to keep it clean and pleasant looking. If you prefer a battery-operated lawn tool, there are some things you need to remember when buying one.

Tips When Buying A Battery-Operated Lawn Tool

When buying tools for your yard, it is essential not only to consider the price. The design, as well as the type of electric motor, can affect the tool’s operation. Therefore, you need to be selective when buying a battery-operated tool. If you are a beginner or need a new tool, here are some things to consider:

  1. Buy edgers and trimmers.

It is advised to buy edgers and trimmers because they are helpful when working on your lawn. If you have a string trimmer, you can simply transform it into an edger by rotating the tool 90°. This trick works if you have a short sidewalk. The problem with this is it can be challenging for your wrists, especially when you hold them for a long time. 

The good news is you can use a dual-mode edger/trimmer by using the head in the horizontal position for trimming around your foundation, fence, and gardens. Once done, you can rotate the head 90° and edge a long walk and driveway while holding the handle in its normal position.

  1. Consider an extra battery.

It is advised to have an extra battery so that you can continue work even if the first one drains out. Most often, if you have a small yard, a single battery could be enough. But on larger yards, you’ll find it helpful when you have an extra one.

  1. Consider a simple but high-quality battery-operated lawn tool.

Battery-powered yard tools are not less when compared to electric and gas-powered yard tools because they work the same. Although each of these tools has its unique capabilities, there are benefits that you can get when you prefer a battery-powered device. One of them is eliminating extension cords and usage of gas, oil, and annual tune-ups. When buying a tool that uses a battery, it would be best to consider a simple one that you can operate without having any difficulty.

  1. Determine the battery capacity.

The electrical storage capacity of a battery uses amp-hours for rating. For instance, a 5-amp-hour battery can discharge five amps continuously for one hour. Suppose you have a yard tool that uses a higher speed or higher load, it means it can draw more than five amps, and the battery can discharge faster.

  1. Know the electric motor power usage.

Battery-powered lawn tools can have 18-, 24-, 36-, 40-, 56- and 80-volt batteries. Many people believe that the higher the voltage, the more power you can get. Although it’s true in most cases, it doesn’t happen all the time. Take note that a well-designed tool that even uses a 40-volt battery can match the power of an 80-volt tool.

  1. Understand your motors.

If you are buying a tool for your lawn, it is essential to understand its motors. Know that it can be equipped with either a “brushed” or “brushless” -style electric motor. The first one is cheaper and is less energy efficient. Though brushless motors are more affordable, they are not ideal for heavy loads. Not only that, but they don’t fit for extended periods because they’ll drain the battery faster.

There is nothing wrong with being selective when it comes to buying tools for your lawn. Besides, it’s your money that you are using to purchase those items. Buying high-quality battery-operated lawn tools means that your purchase is worth it because you can maximize their use. There are many things to consider when purchasing a battery-powered yard tool, and some of them are listed here. Make sure to remember as many and don’t compromise quality over the tool’s price tag.

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